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Celtics star Jayson Tatum’s fun and heartfelt message about Tacko Fall

Jayson Tatum, Celtics

Tacko Fall mania took over the Boston Celtics fanbase last year. While the 7-foot-6 center didn’t see the court very often for the team, he was a very beloved presence on the bench due to his height and his soft demeanor. Unfortunately for Celtics fans, Fall left the team this season to join the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Speaking to reporters after their intense game against the Milwaukee Bucks, Celtics star forward Jayson Tatum referenced his old teammate. The game plan, according to him, was: (via Jay King)

“We’ve gotta stop Tacko. That’s the game plan.”

Afterwards though, Tatum expressed his desire to reunite with the former Celtics center.

“I hope he’s there. I miss him.”

Tacko Fall may not have had much run with the Celtics during his time there, but boy was he loved by everyone there (including Jayson Tatum). His soft-spoken attitude and huge height made him an instant fan favorite. Fall also appreciated the fan base’s support for him, as he said in his statement after signing with the Cavs.

“Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed playing in Boston these last 2 years. It was both a blessing and an honor. I’ll forever be grateful for all the love and support I have received in my time here. That being said I’m really pumped about this new chapter in my journey and can’t wait to get to work in Cleveland!”

Unfortunately for Tatum and Celtics fans, they may not be able to see their beloved center in action. Fall signed a two-way contract with the Cavs’ G-League team, and he’s currently crushing it there. Perhaps the Cavs will recall Fall just for this one game to receive a warm welcome from his first NBA home.