The Boston Celtics star duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown has at least one critic among their NBA counterparts. Philadelphia 76ers guard Patrick Beverley, never one to be short on opinions, recently shared his thoughts on Brown and Tatum, and what he had to say might ruffle some Celtics feathers.

Beverley was recently approached by a fan at an event and asked point blank whether Tatum and Brown are good enough to deliver Boston its first championship since 2008. Beverley stated that they are not.

“They're too much of the same player,” said Beverley, per the Pat Bev Podcast. “They don't complement each other enough.”

Patrick Beverley is not the first person to express these sentiments about Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

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For all of the success that the Celtics' duo has attained in their six years together, there have been several times when it appeared that their fit with one another was less than ideal.

It's true that both Tatum and Brown are larger wing players whose natural instinct is to score first. While both are capable of creating for others, neither one could be considered an elite passer or facilitator.

While the Celtics have already come within two games of an NBA championship with Brown and Tatum leading the way, it is fair to at least wonder whether their skillsets are too redundant to ever truly get over the hump.

Beverley might not be an expert on what it takes to win an NBA championship. However, there may be some truth to what he had to say about the Celtics.