Kyrie Irving unfortunately made headlines this past seasons when he let it known that he believes the earth is flat.

Somehow this is a thing and even more amazing is that Irving is not alone.

More recently, it's been Irving in headlines for his request of a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, subsequently leading to his trade to the Boston Celtics.

One of his future teammates waiting for him in Boston is backup point guard Terry Rozier, a coveted asset in Beantown who appears all-in when it comes to some of Irving's beliefs.

This was tweeted of course far before the Celtics acquired Irving but goes to show that these two may very well not need much time to get on the same page.

Hopefully it's on the basketball court where they bond and not in a way that influences others to believe this ridiculous theory.

Irving should take comfort in knowing that he isn't alone in what he thinks about the earth and that someone in his very own backcourt in Boston is all about it as well.