Celtics video: Gordon Hayward's first dunk in 532 days
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Video: Celtics’ Gordon Hayward’s first dunk in 532 days

Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward of the Boston Celtics is back and fully healthy. A good proof of his status is his first dunk in over 500 days.

In their game against the Orlando Magic, Hayward dunked the ball in a fastbreak opportunity. This is his first dunk in exactly 532 days. Check out the video below:

As observed, Hayward didn’t get much of a lift but it’s still a good sign that Hayward is a hundred percent healthy. Does it qualify for a legitimate dunk? That’s up for debate. But either way, it’s a welcome sight for Celtics fans.

And as the season progresses, Celtics fans should expect a “real” dunk from the 28-year-old. Though he’s been cleared the play, the Celtics are still keeping a close eye on him.

Gordon missed the Celtics’ game against the New York Knicks due to a sore left ankle. Take note that this was the ankle he fractured and dislocated in their opening game last season.

The Celtics coaching staff shared that they have no intentions of resting Hayward regularly, pointing out that it will be a night-to-night basis.

For his part, Gordon Hayward admitted that he’s not a hundred percent comfortable on the court just yet. As per ESPN, he feels that he may be thinking too much:

“There’s times where it still feels like I’m not playing like myself. I’m thinking too much out there,” Hayward said. “I felt like I was doing that in the first half a little bit.”