Celtics video: Kyrie Irving nails ridiculous fadeaway against Bucks
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Video: Celtics’ Kyrie Irving nails ridiculous fadeaway against Bucks

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving knew that it was a long three days for fans who were patiently awaiting the return of NBA basketball following the All-Star weekend. In the Thursday night matchup between the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks, Uncle Drew rewarded fans for their patience by nailing an incredible turn-around fadeaway jump shot a little over half way into the first quarter.

The shot was electrifying and the exact type of highlights we have come to know Irving for. Some of Kyrie’s best NBA memories have been in moments where he makes dazzling shots over defenders who just can’t stop him no matter they do. In this sequence, which saw Kyrie pull the defender onto him and then hit the baseline to beat him to the other side, the defender was Milwaukee big man, Brook Lopez.

Any entertaining or positive buzz Kyrie can generate will surely help him right now, as he hasn’t had the best of luck with media coverage lately. After spending much of his time with Kevin Durant during All-Star weekend, speculation has been swirling due to the possibility of the two pairing up somewhere in the formation of a super team in the upcoming offseason.

In addition to those rumblings, the Boston Celtics locker-room has been far from perfect most of the season. Recently, Irving spoke with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols regarding the team’s chemistry issues so far this season, with many feeling the Celtics point guard’s openness about everything wasn’t a move toward a remedy.

With moves like the ones he put down against the Bucks, though, it appears none of this has distracted Kyrie Irving from balling out.