Chris Bosh still continues to mentor Josh Richardson
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Chris Bosh still continues to mentor Josh Richardson

Chris Bosh may not be part of the Miami Heat‘s active roster now, but it does not mean he’s not in touch with his former teammates anymore.

After not being cleared to resume his playing career, the 32-year-old Georgia Tech product has still continued to be a mentor to one of the team’s young players.

Josh Richardson recently revealed that Bosh is still giving him advice and helping him in his journey to become a successful NBA player.

“[Chris has] just been a good mentor for me. I talk to him about every week. It’s in-house stuff. I don’t really want to put it out there. He’s been good.”

“[Bosh has] kind of helped me be patient and not rush it.”

Bosh may be the key to the 6-foot-6 guard’s return to his old form as he is now fully recovered from the partially torn MCL injury he suffered late last season. He is still far from it as he has struggled since his return but is slowly getting better each day.

With the former 11-time All-Star giving him valuable tips on how to reach his full potential, it won’t be surprising if Richardson can get back to his old self sooner than expected. It will definitely raise his stock and also contribute to the Heat’s cause who now have a new-look and are still in the process of finding their new identity.

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