The Washington Commanders brought in Carson Wentz to be the team's new quarterback. A blunder involving teammate Montez Sweat, however, shows things are off to a rocky start.

During team drills on Friday, Wentz dropped back to pass. Seeing nothing open, he scrambled out of the pocket. Sweat gave chase and urged his signal-caller to get rid of the ball.

Wentz didn't heed the warning, however. Instead, Wentz decided to keep running, and eventually ran out of bounds. Washington Times reporter Matthew Paras first reported the incident.

“You don’t hear this too often: Montez Sweat was chasing a scrambling Carson Wentz from behind and was yelling ‘Get rid of it! Get rid of it!' Wentz ran out of bounds instead,” Paras tweeted.

The Commanders likely aren't encouraged by the sight of their quarterback choosing to run and risk injury. Furthermore, they likely aren't encouraged by him choosing to run out of bounds when it was evidently clear the ball should have been released.

This blunder wasn't Wentz's only one during Friday's practice session. During goal line drills, he flubbed the handoff to running back Antonio Gibson, who ended up fumbling the football.

Wentz reportedly has looked shaky in camp thus far, and Friday was no different. The former first overall pick reportedly even struggled during seven-on-seven drills without a pass rush.

The Commanders hope these struggles aren't indicative of what's to come. He was acquired from the Indianapolis Colts in March with the idea that he would provide enough stability to lead the team to the playoffs.

Early indications aren't entirely promising. However, it is still preseason. Only time will tell if these struggles carry over into the regular season.