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Cowboys had 10 players on the field during a 30-yard run by Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook, Vikings, Cowboys

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook has been nothing short of incredible in 2019. He currently leads the NFL in rushing with 991 yards, and seems like a strong contender for Offensive Player of the Year. Cook was essential in the Vikings’ win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night, as he tallied 183 total yards and a touchdown. Thirty of those yards came on a play where Minnesota only had 10 players on the field. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett had some interesting comments when asked about the miscue.

“Yeah, didn’t do a good enough job getting our communication right, to have 11 out there. Obviously, you want to have 11, and we didn’t handle the situation well enough. Typically, [a timeout call] comes from the sidelines. In certain situations, players have taken timeouts. We just weren’t on top of it fast enough to see that and process the whole thing and get it called,” Garrett said according to Pro Football Talk.

With every passing week, Garrett’s seat should get a little bit hotter. This is an inexcusable coaching error, one that should never happen. To make matters worse, there was a roughing the passer penalty called on the Cowboys on the same play. These two errors moved Minnesota into the red zone, and eventually into the end zone. Garrett has long been blamed for not having his team ready to play, and it seemed that was the case on Sunday night.

While plenty of blame goes to the Cowboys coaching staff, give the Vikings their credit. Head coach Mike Zimmer put his guys in a good position to win, and they walked away with a victory.