Cubs rumors: Chicago expected to be interested in Craig Kimbrel after draft
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Chicago Cubs expected to be interested in Craig Kimbrel after draft

Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox

If there is one thing that has become obvious so far this season for the Chicago Cubs, it is that they need to pursue a new closing option. With Brandon Morrow’s injury issues and the rest of the bullpen not finding ways to close out games cleanly, the Cubs need to get aggressive when it comes to a new arm.

Enter Craig Kimbrel, who is still a free agent despite being one of baseball’s best closers. He could be the answer that the Cubs are looking for, even though the franchise doesn’t have a ton of money to spend. On a one-year deal, however, Chicago should be all-in on signing him.

David Kaplan, who is an insider covering the Cubs, thinks that the team will have interest in signing Kimbrel once the MLB Draft comes and goes.

Needless to say, this is music to the ears of every Cubs fan. Kimbrel would be an immediately massive upgrade and would be the best closer that Chicago has had in quite some time. Wade Davis was really good, but Kimbrel is at another level.

Last season with the Boston Red Sox, Kimbrel ended up pitching in 63 games. He finished the year with 42 saves and only five blown saves. Kimbrel also recorded a 2.74 ERA on the year and was a big part of the team’s postseason run to winning the World Series.

At 30 years old, Kimbrel is simply waiting on an opportunity. Chicago should be the team to give him that opportunity.

Expect to hear plenty of rumors surrounding the Cubs in the coming weeks. They need to make a move and Theo Epstein has always been willing to get aggressive when needed.

Kimbrel may not end up signing with the Cubs, but it certainly would make a lot of sense for the two sides to link up.