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Did LeBron James take subtle jab at haters by reposting throwback video of him in beast mode?

LeBron James deleted a tweet on Wednesday addressing all the insults the Los Angeles Lakers have been receiving after their free agency shopping spree. He later retweeted it. But then deleted it again.

Perhaps that’s why he just took to his Instagram Stories instead. LeBron re-posted a throwback video of him going crazy in an exhibition game in Taiwan a few years back. He also included several of whatever you call that emoji thing with steam coming out of its nose.

OK, it’s just against a bunch of kids. But still, it was The King in his absolute freight train prime, destroying the ring and swatting away shots as if his opponents vandalized his car or something.


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Of course, we might just be reading too much on this. Maybe LeBron was just really reminiscing about memorable moments in his life. He has always liked visiting his fans around the world and his visit to Taiwan was probably a favorite.

But it’s also hard not to connect it to the most recent jabs on the Lakers, who are set to become the oldest team in NBA history. Because every time you have the chance to find help for a 36-year-old superstar, you get more players in their late-30s.

Kidding aside, LeBron James has always been fueled by critics, and he has A LOT. It’s clear that he’s already pumped up to prove everyone wrong again. Because nothing says motivation like whatever you call that emoji thing with steam coming out of its nose.