Dallas Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki‘s three year, $25 million deal from the summer of 2014 is expiring on June 22, and the legendary power forward plans to opt out of the final year of the contract, via Dwain Price of the Star-Telegram.

As shocking as this may sound to most Mavericks fans, it is believed that Nowitzki does intend to stay with the franchise and will be signing a new contract accordingly.  It seems as though Nowitzki wants to structure a contract that will better the Mavericks organization as a whole.

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Many people know Nowitzki as a reliable anchor to the Dallas team, so it would be the ultimate surprise if he planned to leave in his final years in the NBA.

Over the past couple of seasons, Nowitzki has managed to average 17.3 and 18.3 points per game respectively, not far off his career marks.

Dirk clearly still has the talent, and even though he won't play out all three years of this deal as he'd previously mentioned, it appears that he'll remain in Dallas for at least that span, and possibly even longer.