Duke basketball star Kyle Filipowski getting hurt while Wake Forest students stormed the court after the upset of the Blue Devils, and former NFL star Chad Ochocinco weighed in on the court-storming debate during an appearance on the Nightcap show with Shannon Sharpe.

“Maybe we should have a rule set in place, wait until the opposing team that lost leaves the court. Then you storm it.” Chad Ochocinco said to Shannon Sharpe on the Nightcap show.

Sharpe responded to the idea, saying that it would defeat the purpose of court-storming. Ochocinco went on to say that he still does not want to see court-storming get banned, but that there has to be procedures in place to protect the players.

“I don't want to see court-storming banned, or field-storming banned in general,” Ochocinco said. “We gotta find another to just protect the players. Allow the players to leave the court first, at least something like that.”

It is unknown whether or not Kyle Filipowski will be able to play in Duke basketball's next game on Wednesday at home against Louisville. The court-storming debate will undoubtedly head up even more if Filipowski has to miss game action for Duke.

There are recent court-storming instances in which opposing players were kept safe, like when Ohio State beat Purdue, and Creighton beat UConn. However, the instance in which Iowa women's basketball star Caitlin Clark was ran into after the Hawkeyes were upset by Ohio State is something that is brought up in the debate as well.