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Duke Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski says the ACC is wide open this year

Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Blue Devils, college basketball, ACC

Duke Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski made a lot of noise on Tuesday when discussing player rights, but the college basketball legend also discussed the ACC in a way that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

With the Blue Devils embracing one-and-done players more and more over the years, Coach K acknowledged roster turnover, pointing to a very open ACC for the upcoming college basketball season.

“I think the college game — our program was involved earlier with one-and-done and early entry — I think it’s just caught up to everybody, especially with kids now being able to test the (NBA) waters,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said, via The AP. “We’re just going to see newness, more newness throughout the league, especially a league of our stature.

“These kids get prepared for the pros by being in the best conference. It makes it wide open, I think, for the league this year.”

The Duke Blue Devils obviously lost their three best players, all one-and-done guys, to the NBA after last season.

Nevertheless, Coach K has seemed to adapt a more balanced approach on the recruiting trail, likely trying to offset the monster roster turnover he’s been having as of late.

As for the ACC, only time will tell if it’s as open as the legend claims.

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