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Kyrie Irving Tattoos

Every known Kyrie Irving tattoo on the Nets star’s body

Can you take a guess how many tattoos Kyrie Irving has on his body? Here, we take a look at the plethora of unique and intellectual symbols all over his body. Spoiler alert: He has 21. Let’s take a gander at some Kyrie Irving tattoos.


1. ‘H&H’ Tattoo

Irving’s chest has a tattoo of H&H on the right side. If you look closely, you can see the words happy and humble inked under them.

2. ‘Elizabeth Irving’ Tattoo

On the left side, he has a tattoo of his daughter’s name, ‘Elizabeth Irving’ within the angel wings on both ends.


3. Writing on left Shoulder

4. ‘Dragon’ Tattoo

On the right side of his back, he has a Chinese dragon which symbolizes wisdom, health, and good luck.

5. Quote

On the lower left, you can read “DES/DAL Just to 3 of us”.  These represent the names of his family which are his father, Drederick Irving, his mother Elizabeth Irving, his daughter Azure Irving, and his sisters Asia and London Irving.

6. Symbol on the back of Neck

The symbol inked on the back of his neck indicates a possible lock inside the fortune circle.


7. Quote

Just below his neck, he has a tattoo of a banner that reads ‘The journey to the Rosette’.

Left Arm

8. ‘Hand of Fatima’ Tattoo

His left upper arm shows a symbol of a hand-eye. The Hand of Fatima originated from the Hebrew word “hamesh”, meaning five. This symbolizes faith, goodness, good health, happiness, good fortune, and as a defense against negative energy.

9. Tribal Design On His Forearm

This appears to be a personalized tribal design.

10. ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ Tattoo

Kyrie Irving has a tattoo that spells out “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” on his left forearm as he is known to be a big fan of the American Television Sitcom.

11. Symbol on Left Forearm

12. Quote on Left Forearm

13. Hand Design

14. Numerals Tattoo

Kyrie Irving has roman numerals on the wrist of both of his hands that reads,” VIII XIII” which is the representation of the date August 13.

15. ‘MADE’ Tattoo

This is most likely connected to his numerals tattoo as well, although we don’t know what the date signifies. However, it has some sort of connection to his mother, Elizabeth Irving, as evidenced in his Instagram post.

16. ‘Faith’ Tattoo

The outer part of Irving’s left wrist spells out “Faith”.

Right Arm

17. ‘All Seeing Eye’ Tattoo

The back of his right hand showcases the All-Seeing Eye which is considered to be the symbol of the Illuminati.

18. ‘Animals’ Tattoo

The upper part of his right arm is comprised of different animals. Namely, a bird, a monkey, a rooster, a lion, and a fish.

19. ‘Wings’ Tattoo

Kyrie has a tattoo of angel wings on the upper part of his right arm to bring good luck.


20. ‘His surname with Wings’ Tattoo

The lower part of Kyrie Irving’s left leg features a pair of wings with the number 322 in the middle and his last name on top.

21. ‘Honest’ Tattoo