Remember the time when the New Orleans Pelicans’ Lonzo Ball didn’t have any tattoos? Social media went crazy when Ball decided to put on a ton of ink. As a matter of fact, he didn’t have many tattoos when the Lakers drafted him back in 2017.

Now, he is famous for his sleeves tattoos which consists of portraits of legends from Black history, some personal information, and many more. Here, we take a look at Ball’s 24 tattoos and all their meanings.

1. Barack Obama Portrait Tattoo

As his entire left forearm sleeve is dedicated to African-American icons, it was only fitting that a portrait of President Barack Obama can be seen on his left forearm. This tattoo acts as a source of motivation for him during difficult times.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait Tattoo

Martin Luther King Jr. is seen on his left arm as another African-American icon. This one was inked by Steve Butcher.

3. Rosa Parks Tattoo

Lonzo has a portrait of Rosa Parks who is popularly known as the first lady of civil rights and the mother of the freedom movement.

4. Jackie Robinson Portrait Tattoo

At the inner portion of his left arm, Jackie Robinson can be seen.

5. Malcolm X Portrait Tattoo

6. Harriet Tubman Portrait Tattoo

7. ‘Motivated by Jesus Dedicated to the Game’ Tattoo

This was reportedly Ball’s very first tattoo. He has the phrase ‘Motivated by Jesus Dedicated to the Game’ inked on his left wrist.

8. ‘Born to ball because of Him’ Tattoo

On his right wrist, Ball has a tattoo of the phrase ‘Born to ball because of Him.’ Later on, he modified the tattoo by adding three roses.

9. ‘Born 2 Ball’ Tattoo

Made by tattoo artist, Isaiah Negrete, Ball had the name of his debut mixtape, Born 2 Ball, inked on his right forearm.

10. Praying Hands Tattoo

11. ‘The Marathon Continues’ Tattoo

Just above all the portraits of the legends from Black history, Lonzo has the phrase ‘THE MARATHON CONTINUES’ inked in bold and capital letters on his left shoulder.

12. Dice Tattoo

Originally, this was a tattoo of the Big Baller Brand icon that was launched by Lavar Ball back in 2016. However, Lonzo covered the tattoo with two red dice later on when he cut ties with the brand following the multimillion-dollar embezzlement issue with Alan Foster.

13. ‘ZO2’ Tattoo

Lonzo inked the icon of his first signature shoe from Big Baller Brand, the ZO2, on his right forearm back in 2017.

14. ‘909’ Tattoo

Ball has a tattoo of the area code of his birthplace, ‘909,’ which is in southern California.

15. Angel Dribbling a Basketball Tattoo

16. Birthday Tattoo

Besides all his Black history tattoos, Ball also seems to love sporting ink that indicates some sort of personal information. For this one, his birthday on October 27, 1997 is seen on his right wrist.

17. ‘RIP Nnam 21’ Tattoo

This particular tattoo is a tribute to the Chino Hills Basketball player, Nnamdi Okongwu, who passed away in 2014 after suffering a brain injury from a skateboarding accident. ‘RIP Nnam 21’ can be seen along with a small cupid and a cross.

18. Gateway to Heaven Tattoo

19. Bible Verse Tattoo

The Bible verse Psalm 23:4 can be seen right below his Gateway to Heaven tattoo on his right arm. This reads, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. For you are with me.”

20. Cloud Shading and Stars Tattoo

21. Cupid holding Basketball Tattoo

22. Roman Numerals Tattoo

23. Red Cross Tattoo

24. ‘Fear God’ Tattoo

Ball has the words ‘FEAR GOD’ inked on the inner portion of his right arm. This is seen in bold letters, all caps and with a red-colored cloud shading around it.