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Expect more PS5 exclusives as Sony spends more for PS5-only releases

PS5 exclusives, Sony

Sony will be spending even more for first-party PS5 exclusives, Sony confirms in a recent investors call.

Sony invests more for future PS5 exclusive games

The company decided that the PlayStation 5 needs more first-party and PS5 exclusive games. To do this, the company will be investing even more money towards in-house development and external developments. The exact figure amounts to about $180 million, which should be enough to encourage third-party developers to keep their games PS5 exclusive.

Even without many PS5 exclusives at launch, the PlayStation 5 still made a lot of money. Getting more exclusive titles will just increase the demand for the console even more. However, Sony will still have to solve their supply issue, as they acknowledged that PS5 shortages will continue well into 2021.

Sony may be inspired by the investment decisions of their rival, Microsoft. However, unlike Sony, Microsoft only wants to have their developers “prioritizing Microsoft,” instead of completely developing exclusively for Xbox. Still, both companies’ decisions will lead to gamers having to decide their console purchases based on which games they want to play more.

However, more spending on in-house developments is still great news for gamers. It only means more games are coming on the horizon. Especially for the loyal console gamers, and for those who own both consoles anyway, more games for their owned consoles will always be a good thing. Apart from expanding their current IPs, this can also lead to new exclusives down the road. Hopefully, we will see more PlayStation 5 games announced this year.