Well, that's certainly one way to start an F1 race. The Belgian Grand Prix featured some of the best racers in the world today. Unfortunately, one of their best talents was taken out early on. A collision between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso forced the former to bow out of the race early. It was not how fans expected the race to start, and certainly put a damper on the mood of fans.

While Hamilton's camp is obviously not happy with the result, his fellow F1 racer is just as incensed as him. Footage from Alonso's car shows the exact moment the collision happened. In an attempt to overtake Alonso, Hamilton made a risky maneuver by sliding into the inside corner. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for Hamilton.

The risky nature of Hamilton's move frustrated Alonso. One of the in-car microphones caught the Spanish F1 racer cuss out Hamilton for what he deemed was a dangerous move that could've harmed both of them. (via TheScore)

These are some harsh words, obviously. After he recovered from the crash, Lewis Hamilton was asked about these comments from his fellow F1 racer. The British driver took the comments in stride, saying that these words were said in the heat of the moment.

“I prefer not to say anything. We've had different results in our careers. These are things you say in the heat of the moment.”

For now, the Belgian Grand Prix goes on as planned, just without Hamilton racing. We will keep you updated on any new information and/or comments from the involved parties at this crash.