F1 champion Max Verstappen shares an honest reaction to Lewis Hamilton’s looming retirement rumors.

After a controversial Abu Dhabi Grand Prix finish, Verstappen won his first F1 title via a final lap overtake on Hamilton, who led for most of the race. However, many fans, including Mercedes, question the decisions made by the FIA after Nicholas Latifi’s crash.

Verstappen understands that Hamilton may be devastated, but he mentions the British driver’s abundance of accomplishments.

Via Motorsport

“Well, I mean, of course, I can understand that the first few days after a race like that, you’re not happy.

“But you should also understand, like I said before, that this is racing at the end of the day, and these things can happen to you,” the F1 star stressed.

“And I think he should just look back at what he has achieved already. That should give him a lot of comfort and should also be that drive to just keep on going, because he is still trying to challenge for that eighth title.”

Overall, the newly crowned Dutch champion believes that Hamilton must return next year. Regardless of the result, many believe that this season has been one of the best in F1 history.

“And, for sure, he can do that again next year. So I don’t see any reason why to give up or stop now.”

With Hamilton extremely close to an eighth title this year, his ability isn’t affected by age. Therefore, fighting for another championship next season wouldn’t be a surprise.