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Formula 1 news: Pierre Gasly’s ruthless response to comparison with Max Verstappen

Formula 1 Pierre Gasly Max Verstappen Red Bull AlphaTauri

Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasly seems sick of the usual talk and comparisons with his former teammate, Max Verstappen.

Earlier this month, Dr. Helmut Marko, an adviser for Red Bull, stated that Verstappen would’ve been faster than Gasly in qualifying— even with the same car.

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“I would say that Max [Verstappen] would certainly have squeezed out two or three tenths in qualifying,” Marko stressed.

Gasly responded to these comments, focusing on his skill and capability to perform among the elite of Formula 1.

“To me, it’s, let’s say, it’s very simple,” Gasly told RacingNews365.com.

“I don’t care about hypothetical stuff. In fact, this one, this qualifying was one of the best qualifying in history for the team.

“And the only conclusion is that if I have a fast car, I can be extremely fast. And that’s the only conclusion. Point.”

“Honestly, I’m done with the question with Red Bull. And I don’t feel like answering this anymore, because this was already two years ago. I really moved on from this,” the French Formula 1 driver shared.

Red Bull’s Verstappen is having an incredible year, leading the driver standings of Formula 1— ahead of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Gasly isn’t so bad this season, sitting at ninth with 74 accumulated points. Following Gasly’s challenging departure from Red Bull, he has had his fair share of terrific moments with AlpaTauri— proving to everyone that he belongs to Formula 1.