The Georgia Bulldogs are fresh off winning a National Championship last season. As a result, they have decided to hand their head coach, Kirby Smart, a massive contract extension right before the 2022 season kicks off. The Bulldogs inked Smart to a ten-year, $112.5 million deal that makes him one of the highest paid coaches in college football, and will keep him in Georgia for the upcoming decade.

Kirby Smart's new deal will see him earn an average of over $11 million per year to keep Georgia among the top teams in the college football world. As Chris Low of ESPN notes, the deal will see Smart earning over $12 million in the final year of the deal all the way in 2032.

While it may seem like an excessive price tag for a head coach, the Bulldogs have secured one of the best coaches in college football in Kirby Smart for the foreseeable future. Smart has revitalized Georgia's football program ever since taking over the reigns back in 2015, and it culminated with Smart leading the Bulldogs to their first national championship since 1980.

Now Smart has the backing to continue to compete for national championships without ever really having to worry about his job security. After all, Georgia wouldn't have handed him this massive deal if they didn't intend on keeping him around for quite some time.

With this huge new deal, the Bulldogs have set themselves up to continue to contend for national championships well into the future. As long as Smart is on board, they appear likely to have a shot, so it's a good thing he will be leading the Bulldogs for at least the next ten years.