Grizzlies news: Memphis GM releases statement regarding Dillon Brooks' inclusion in trade rumor
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Grizzlies GM releases statement regarding Dillon Brooks’ inclusion in trade rumor

Dillon Brooks, Chris Wallace

A three-team trade that would have sent Trevor Ariza to the Washington Wizards and Kelly Oubre to the Memphis Grizzlies will no longer happen, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. A lack of communication between which Brooks on the Phoenix Suns — Marshon or Dillon — caused the deal to fall through.

The Wizards were included as the middle-man in the trade offers, and it led to the miscommunication. The Grizzlies thought they were trading Marshon Brooks, and the Suns believed it was Dillon Brooks.

But Memphis refused to include Dillon Brooks and give up Marshon Brooks instead, so the deal did not go through.

Chris Wallace GM of the Grizzlies via ESPN released a statement discussing the miscommunication:

“Robert Pera did not have any conversation with Suns owner Robert Sarver about the reported 3-way trade. Our front office also didn’t have any conversations with Phoenix regarding the reported 3-team trade prior to it leaking during our game tonight. We were floored to learn of the reports involving Dillon Brooks in the reported trade. We never discussed Dillon as part of this trade with Washington – which was the only team we spoke with concerning this proposed deal.”

It seems like Ernie Grunfeld and the Washington Wizards did not clearly communicate to both sides which players were going to be a part of the deal. Unfortunately for them, they’ve probably outbid themselves in attempt to trade for Ariza. In late December it was announced that the entire Washington Wizards roster could potentially be dealt.

With the 2018 free agent trading availability comes tomorrow, expect there to be a few trades across the NBA.