Atlanta Hawks guard Evan Turner shared his all-time Boston Celtics starting five.

Via Twitter, Turner named Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, and Ray Allen as his all-time Celtics first five.

Turner actually donned the legendary Celtics jersey for two seasons. He just missed the opportunity of being teammates with the aforementioned.

Despite this, we call can agree that Turner's list is pretty good. Bird himself is not just Celtic icon but every soul who knows a thing or two about basketball see him as one of the greatest of all time. Despite his seemingly unathletic built, Bird maximized his skills and made up for it by sheer tenacity and will power.

Garnett, Allen, Pierce, and Rondo, for their part, formed the championship squad of 2008. The big three were at the tail end of their career at that point and were desperate to win their first title. Some say that their team-up paved the way for the formation of superteams in this milieu.

Rondo, meanwhile, was just a young guard trying to establish himself in the league. He didn't seem fazed that he was sharing the floor with three Hall-of-Fame legends. Instead, despite his youth, he stepped up to the plate and displayed veteran savviness and composure. Now, he's seen as one of the best pure point guards in the league.