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Hawks star Trae Young’s father puts haters on blast with strong statement

Trae Young, Hawks

Trae Young is no stranger to the haters. During the Atlanta Hawks’ first-round sweep of the New York Knicks, Young made sure to turn himself into the villain of the whole damn city. He’s called out his detractors before. And of course, he can back up any of his trash talk with his play.

Turns out, the Hawks star got that mean-mugging, trash-talking streak from his dad. Ray Young, Trae Young’s father, posted a strong statement on his Twitter account about his son’s haters.

Papa Young’s statements are likely a reaction to the general audience’s bashing about his son. After the league announced that it would crack down on foul-baiting, fans predicted that Young’s production would take a hit. The perception among the fans was that the Hawks star was reliant on drawing fouls too much. Without those phantom calls he’s been getting the past season, surely he wouldn’t be an All-Star level player.

However, Young has completely destroyed that narrative against him. While it took some time for the Hawks star to adjust to the new rules, it wasn’t like he instantly lost all of his scoring ability. Aside from his free throws, Young’s best asset has always been his three-point shot, and that hasn’t gone away this season. In fact, he’s still doing all the crazy skilled things he was known for in college.

Hawks fans likely feel vindicated after Trae Young’s performance this season. Even without his usual foul-drawing shenanigans, he’s found a way to be productive. Now it’s just a matter of replicating their Conference Finals run from last season with basically the same roster.