Heat news: Jimmy Butler on highly anticipated duel with Marcus Smart
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Jimmy Butler gets real about highly anticipated duel with Marcus Smart

Jimmy Butler Marcus Smart Lakers

The biggest heavyweight title fight is coming to TV screens near you. But we’re not talking Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua here. On one corner, we have outspoken Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler. On the other is the Boston Celtics’ effort-extraordinaire guard Marcus Smart.

Jimmy Butler was recently asked about the prospect of going up against Marcus Smart. Safe to say, Butler didn’t take the bait and kept it more about their teams.

But we all know things are bound to get testy as the series begins. This Eastern Conference Finals features two teams that pride themselves as rugged, physical squads that clearly punch above their weight class. They both knocked out the higher seeds in their Semi-Finals matchups and aren’t settling for second best in the East.

Through 9 Playoff games, the Miami Heat have posted one of the best Defensive Ratings in the postseason. Their 105.4 ranks third among all 16 teams, 17 if you include Memphis.

But the Boston Celtics have been even better. They rank as the absolute best defense in the Playoffs and it’s not even close. They’ve posted an 101.9 Defensive Rating, which is 3.5 points better than Miami, and 3 entire points higher than 2nd place Toronto. If that previous series against the Raptors was any indication, we’re in for some must-watch action.

Sure to be in the thick of things for their respective squads are Jimmy Butler and Marcus Smart. Although Butler won’t admit it, fireworks could go off at any moment when those two are involved.

If all else fails, someone just show Marcus Smart this tweet: