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Jimmy Butler’s curious $7.1 million decision sparks rumors on Heat

Jimmy Butler, Heat, Kyle Lowry

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler has indicated in the past that he’s in it for the long term in South Beach. His latest move, however, has raised eyebrows and sparked rumors among Heat fans.

Butler has unfinished business with the Heat after falling short in the NBA Finals two seasons ago against the Los Angeles Lakers. The veteran forward has made it a goal to find redemption, even signing a four-year extension worth $184 million last August.

But just less than a month later, Butler has reportedly sold his mansion in Miami (via Heavy).

Butler, 31, sold his 8,958 square-foot Pinecrest mansion for $7.1 million, according to The Real Deal. The small forward bought the estate two years ago for $4.6 million, which means Butler made a $2.5 million profit on the sale.

Of course, this caused quick panic among the Heat faithful, expressing their concern that Butler might not stay with the Heat for long. There haven’t been trade rumors linking the five-time All-Star, so their theories are likely baseless. Still, stranger things have happened in the past with the Heat, including letting go of the beloved Dwyane Wade, who incidentally teamed up with Butler on the Chicago Bulls at the time.

Butler, however, also recruited his good friend Kyle Lowry to join him in South Beach. So that should be a comforting indication that he’s not going anywhere.

For all we know, Jimmy Butler is just planning to buy an even bigger mansion and invite his teammates for sips of his infamous coffee. Perhaps play some Selena Gomez songs as well?