The uncertainty surrounding James Harden and the Houston Rockets could very well last all the way through the trade deadline. Harden is one of the best players in the NBA and, despite his disgruntled attitude, Houston has shown a level of comfort retaining him until it gets the best package possible. A number of Eastern Conference teams have at least put in a call, including the Miami Heat.

Common consensus has generally suggested the Philadelphia 76ers as the likeliest destination, if they are willing to put Ben Simmons on the table. However, Brian Windhorst said on the latest episode of The Hoop Collective podcast the Heat could have the assets to acquire Harden:

“I think the Miami Heat could make a trade for [Harden],” Windhorst said. “They (the Rockets) probably want Herro and Robinson. Robinson’s an awfully valuable player. … But I don’t see if you watch how the Heat play, the Heat play high ball movement, high player movement offense. It would be such a dramatic change of style for the Heat.”

However, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald followed up by saying the Rockets' ask is “significantly” more than Herro and Robinson:

Of course, the ask would have to be more. Houston would have to take on salary fillers — perhaps a guy like Kelly Olynyk or Andre Iguodala — to make the financials work. That would probably incentivize the Rockets to ask for serious draft compensation plus another young asset like Kendrick Nunn.

In any case, the Heat are reportedly not engaged with the Rockets on Harden. Pat Riley will see what the defending Eastern Conference champions have in store early in the year before possibly reevaluating a move for The Beard.