The Charlotte Hornets could likely finish this season by missing the playoffs once again, a trend that could spark seconds thoughts for Kemba Walker once the free-agency period rolls around. The Dallas Mavericks remain as the greatest threat to sign Walker in the summer, something Hornets owner Michael Jordan has grown well aware of.

Originally eyeing him in January, according to Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer, the interest was once again confirmed by The Charlotte Observer last week, hoping to accelerate the process of rebuilding around Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis.

Walker has the power to change a team, even if he himself isn’t a top-tier superstar:

“Jordan knows this. That’s why he refused all offers this deadline and wasn’t interested in 2018 when the Hornets reportedly listened to offers,” wrote O'Connor. “Jordan loves Walker as a person and player, league sources have repeatedly said, and that’s the primary reason Jordan wants to keep him. But he also knows that without Walker, the Hornets have nothing else.”

The interest between Walker and The Queen City is mutual. The Bronx native loves Charlotte's mellow ways and tranquil life, while Hornets fans love his demeanor and electrifying style of play.

Yet it'll take more than mutual interest to keep the 6-foot-1 dynamo at home, needing at least some semblance of structure to shed unwanted bloated contracts and luring key rotation pieces that can help him contend in the playoffs.

Even if the Hornets do make the playoffs this year (1.5 games back of the eighth seed), they would be a surefire easy out against the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks, making that something the front office needs to address before bringing in the Brinks truck for Walker's impending contract.