A few hours before hitting the free agency market, Miles Bridges was arrested on domestic violence charges. The Charlotte Hornets forward's stock has since tanked, as the public opinion on him soured quickly. His wife's subsequent Instagram post detailing his abuse worsened his image.

What was supposed to be a massive payday for Miles Bridges could go up in flames now, if these rumors are to be believed. Emiliano Carchia reported that the Hornets are likely going to pull the forward's qualifying offer. What this means is that Bridges is now an unrestricted free agent.

Normally, hitting the unrestricted free agency market is good news for most players, especially those of Bridges' caliber. In this instance, though, being a UFA hurts the Hornets star. His recent arrest makes him a PR nightmare for any team that will sign him. No team wants to be known as the team that signed a domestic abuser just a few weeks after he was arrested.

The Hornets are also effectively letting Miles Bridges walk for free. It's crazy to think that just a few weeks ago, the high-flying star was one of the most coveted players in the league. Many were projecting him to command a contract worth over $100 million. Now, it's incredibly unlikely that a team hands him even half of that money.

Aside from missing out on a huge payday, Bridges could also potentially face jail time if he's found guilty. Even if he walks away from the criminal trial without any punishment, the NBA will very likely have their own sanctions for the Hornets star. Based on what we've seen from his victim, it's fair to say that any punishment he'll receive is well-deserved.