Ice Cube hopes Dirk Nowitzki would join BIG3 after his NBA career
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Ice Cube hopes Dirk Nowitzki would join BIG3 after his NBA career

Dirk Nowitzki

Ice Cube’s BIG3 three-on-three league has taken the basketball world by storm, and former NBA players — All-Stars and journeymen alike, are flocking to the exciting new tournament in their post-professional playing days.

As the tournament makes its way to Dallas on July 30th, one former Maverick — DeShawn Stevenson, will return to the city that he helped win a championship. While Stevenson was a nice piece on that Mavericks squad, it was Dirk Nowitzki who was the unquestioned star of the bunch that upset the Miami Heat super team back in 2011. And if founder Ice Cube had it his way, Nowitzki would also follow up his illustrious NBA career with a stint in the BIG3.

“We hope one day to have Dirk (Nowitzki) in our league if he still wants to hoop out when he finishes (with) the Mavericks,” Ice Cube said in an interview with SportsDay. “I think from the 4-point shot he would be deadly. No one can stop him when he wants to just shoot it. He can come out and be a specialist. He doesn’t have to get in the paint. He can come out and just gun it from the 4. I think he’d be great.”

It would be intriguing to see Nowitzki in a three-on-three setting, as he would get a chance to take all the long-range bombs his heart desires, and actually expand his already incredible range.

However, Nowitzki just re-upped with the Mavericks for two more years, and it’s unclear whether or not he’d be willing to jump right into another phase of his basketball career after spending 20-plus seasons in the NBA. Nowitzki is reportedly also skeptical that his skill set might not translate into a three-on-three setting, but that is more likely than not Dirk just playing coy.

Everyone knows the dude can ball.