The Indiana Hoosiers have struggled mightily this season. It's the third season for Mike Woodson as Indiana head coach and it's shaping up to be his worst season yet. Indiana is currently 6-9 in Big 10 Conference play and just recently suffered another loss to Penn State. Following the game, Woodson took full responsibility for the loss as per Seth Tow of The Daily Hoosier.

“I'm upset with the way we played, the way I've coached this team this whole season. We've lost more games at home than we've lost in the last two years. And that's just not good,” Woodson said. “I've always felt I can take any team and go win with them. We've had our struggles this year.”

Mike Woodson went to say that he won't put any blame on any of his players for Indiana's struggles this season.

“I think all coaches, when they coach, they think they can win. And I've struggled with this team this year,” Woodson said. “I won't blame my players. I'll always put it on Mike Woodson. That's how it should be. I'm a big boy, and we'll continue to try and grow this thing and figure it out. But we've still got a lot of work on our hands when it comes to our basketball team.”

The Hoosiers are 14-13 overall and 6-10 in Big 10 Conference play. Indiana has made the NCAA Tournament the previous two seasons that Woodson has been head coach. In all likelihood they will miss the NCAA Tournament his season.