The Indiana basketball team hosted Wisconsin basketball on Tuesday night, and it was a wild ride. Not only did the game come down to the wire, but the stadium was also evacuated sat one point in the second half with the game tied. The game ended up resuming, and the Hoosiers took down the Badgers for a huge 74-70 win.

It was unclear at first why exactly the crowd was being evacuated in the second half, but it turns out that a fire alarm went off at the Indiana basketball arena. Fans were evacuated, but everything ended up being okay. Indiana released a statement after the game.

“It was determined a fire alarm went off in the balcony,” The statement read. “Emergency management officials stationed in the Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall Command Center followed state law and evacuated the arena for the safety and well-being of everyone in attendance. Once it was determined there was no immediate threat, everyone was allowed back in the building.”

Coming back and playing a basketball game after that is difficult to do, but both Indiana and Wisconsin had to do it. Hoosiers head coach Mike Woodson said after the game that he had never experienced anything like that, and he thanked the fans for all of the support that they gave throughout the night.

“First of all I want to thank our fans, our crowd, for going through what we went through and still came back into the game and gave us the support that we needed to get over the hump and win the game,” Mike Woodson said, according to a tweet from The Hoosier Network. “So, truly thank the fans. That's the first time I've ever been a part of something like that in my career as a player and coach. When you go into the locker room you try to clean up some things that was going on during the course of the game, especially the second half when we got going. And then trying to get offensive plays in quickly so they know what we're doing when we come out and start to play again. I mean it's a tie game, I thought we played well early. Wisconsin is well-coached, they aren't gonna ever quit, and they just pushed us to the end. I just thought we held in there after even going down. I think we went down three and Mack (Mackenzie Mgbako) hit a big three that tied it, and then from that point on we never looked back.”

Wisconsin was ranked #6 in the country heading into the month of February, but they finished the month with a 2-6 record, and they are now unranked and 18-10 overall on the season. We'll see if the Badgers can get it together down the stretch.

This season has definitely been on the disappointing side for Indiana basketball, so it felt good for the team to get this win. They aren't in position to make the NCAA Tournament, but you never know what can go down in the Big Ten Tourney.

Indiana will return to action on Sunday on the road against Maryland. They have just three games remaining before the Big Ten tourney.