Jay Briscoe's two daughters are reportedly in critical condition as a result of the Delaware car crash that killed the Ring of Honor legend.

On  Tuesday, news of Briscoe's death surfaced. AEW and ROH president Tony Kahn made the announcement, though details surrounding the death were not initially revealed.

Later reports indicated that Briscoe–whose real name is Jamin Pugh–and another person died in a car collision in Laurel, Delaware. However, it wasn't mentioned that there were others who got injured.

Now according to the latest update from Delaware State Police, Briscoe's two daughters were with him during the crash. The two girls survived, but they remain in critical condition. Both have been immediately brought to a nearby hospital following the crash, per TMZ.

Jay Briscoe's wife, Ashley Pugh, released a statement on Facebook asking for prayers for her daughters who are fighting for their lives. She said that of their children, Gracie is set to undergo back surgery.