Jay Williams, Kendall Gill face off on social media over Patrick Ewing-Georgetown hire
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Jay Williams, Kendall Gill face off on social media over Patrick Ewing-Georgetown hire

Patrick Ewing

Two former Bulls are going head-to-head on social media this week after Kendall Gill called out past teammate Jay Williams on Wednesday. The confrontation was prompted by Williams’ criticism of new Georgetown hire Patrick Ewing last week.

Williams currently works as a college basketball analyst on ESPN. Last week, he openly questioned whether Ewing would be able to take on the transition to coaching, particularly when it came to the rigor of recruiting and leading at Division I level. Ewing is a legend at Georgetown, and has served his past 15 years as an assistant coach in the NBA.

“Look, I love Patrick Ewing,” Williams said in a Facebook video. “I think Patrick Ewing is a great human being. But to make him the head coach of Georgetown, I think that’s a major problem. When you’re an assistant coach at the NBA level, you do not have to grind like a head coach does 24/7. Will Patrick Ewing be able to hit the ground running? You need to recruit in the game of college basketball in order to make your program not just good, not just decent, but great.

“You know, (how) is he going to learn how to recruit? Is he going to be willing to jump on a plane after they lose a game and sit down with a 14-, 15-, 16-year-old kid to tell him he’s going to be the next great at Georgetown? Is he going to be able to rejuvenate a culture? Is he going to be able to sit down and find that needle in a haystack, to find out how to get the top recruit to his school?”

His full comments can be watched here:

Gill is an alumni of Illinois, and he took offense to the criticism of Williams. He took to Instagram and called out Williams for questioning Ewing, who he believes paid his dues at the NBA level.

“Now you see why we don’t look at this guy as part of our frat! He had a cup of coffee in the league and talks as if he were a 10-year vet,” Gill said on Instagram. “You don’t talk about an all-time great like this! Patrick Ewing has paid his dues as an assistant in the NBA for many years. He deserves his opportunity. Especially at his alma mater, Georgetown. Even if this guy felt this way he should keep his mouth shut! You don’t do that to a fraternity brother. We have a code! Obviously he never watched ‘The Godfather!’ ‘Never tell anyone outside of the family what you’re thinking!’ Oops. I forgot. You’re not part of the family! Show some respect dude!”

Later on Wednesday, Gill was interviewed on the BullsTalk podcast and explained his comments in full. The two remain at odds over the hire, but the success of Ewing as a fledgling college coach will ultimately be proved in the next NCAA season.

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