It can't be denied that a lot of fans dismissed Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics early in the season. Of course, it made sense to do so after the team fell in the East after going under .500. But then, something special started after the new year and carried over until the All-Star Game was done. Since that time, the Celtics have risen through the standings to present their case as contenders for the championship. Of course, the direct beneficiary of this impressive streak in the hobby is no other than Tatum's stock in the hobby.

We take a look at how Tatum's fifth year in the NBA is playing out and its effect on his rookie card value in the market.

Jayson Tatum's insane run with the Boston Celtics

As mentioned earlier, Boston's woes early in the season had everyone worried about the team. Some even went ahead to dismiss the Celtics from being relevant in the East, especially with other teams performing well in the East. And with Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart playing without any ounce of inspiration, it only made sense for fans to assume that this squad won't make it far this year.

Of course, that isn't the case with Boston at this point in time. Since the All-Star break, the Celtics have gone berserk on the entire league to prove that they're not just some team competing for a spot in the play-in tournament. No, they're actually trying to go the distance and come out on top of the Eastern Conference.

Right before All-Star Weekend, the Celtics' record stood at 34-26, which placed them just above the current play-in participants at this time. It was after the ASG that Boston chose violence and unleashed itself. During that stretch, the team's record rose to 49-30, which translates to a second seed in the East.

During that 18 game run, Boston would go 14-4 and get a series of victories against contending teams, like the Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, and Miami Heat, among others. They also became the best defensive team in the NBA as the Celtics would only allow an average of 106.8 points per 100 possessions. Their 114 offensive rating, meanwhile, is eighth among 30 teams in the league right now.

This surprising run to the East's upper echelon won't be possible without Tatum playing the best basketball of his life during the past few months. In those 18 games after the All-Star break, the Celtics' star forward has averaged 31.1 points on 50% shooting from the field, 41% from beyond the arc, and 87% from the free throw line. Along with that level of efficiency on the court, Tatum is also making 6.7 rebounds and 5 assists in 36.4 minutes per game.

That kind of production from Tatum, coupled with new additions to Boston from the trade deadline and improved performances across the lineup, propelled the team hard towards the top. And with the regular season about to end, the previous projection made by almost everyone late last year is looking like a joke right now.

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The truth of the matter is that Boston is playing like a contender out for blood in the East and Tatum is leading the charge. And with the way he's playing lately, there's no reason not to get more of those Jayson Tatum cards lying around in the market. With the playoffs looming near, both the Celtics and the All-Star's stock are projected to perform well in the coming weeks.

The state of Jayson Tatum rookie cards

Tatum's card value is among the select few that will finish the regular season as a winner. This is clearly shown in a three-month graph from Card Ladder.

Jayson Tatum, Celtics, NBA Cards

In the graph shown above, Tatum's PSA 10 2017 Prizm Silver rookie card started at $1,069 earlier this year and bottomed out at $850 in February. Without any warning, the card's price steadily rose as the Celtics performed well after the All-Star Game to its current price of $1,650. That's an impressive 54% growth or an increase of $580 over the said period.

With the data provided above, it's very clear that the market has reacted positively to this Jayson Tatum rookie card as the forward has done a great job in leading the Boston Celtics towards contention.

The verdict on Jayson Tatum cards

It's pretty hard to go up against Tatum and the Boston Celtics at this point in time. They're both performing well, exceeding expectations, and are projected to go deep in the playoffs. That's why it only makes perfect sense to root hard for those Jayson Tatum rookie cards in the market.

Jayson Tatum, Celtics, NBA Cards

Unfortunately, the time to buy Tatum's stock isn't now. With his value skyrocketing, those who will attempt to do so might suffer potential losses down the road. But on the other hand, those who plan to cash their Jayson Tatum cards are in luck as the All-Star's price is looking good in the market right now.

Of course, there's also the option to hold until the playoffs when Tatum can possibly take another leap and push Boston farther than expected. What's important to take note of here is that the prevailing options are either sell or hold, not buy. With those choices in mind, collectors will stand to gain more from the Celtics' All-Star in the coming weeks.