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Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend: Ella Mai

Jayson Tatum is one of the most exciting young superstars in the NBA. He’s a corner piece of the Boston Celtics franchise and is well on his way to a Hall of Fame career. When it comes to his dating life, he’s been in numerous relationships over the last few years. We’ve all seen his adorable young son Deuce, who Tatum had when he was just 19-years-old with his ex-girlfriend Toriah Lachell. However, the Celtics standout has been dating British R&B singer Ella Mai since. With that being said, we’re taking an in-depth look at Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend Ella Mai.

Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend: Ella Mai

Jayson Tatum's girlfriend, Ella Mai

Ella Mai was already a well-known name across the music industry long before she met Tatum. The 26-year-old was born in London, England in 1994 to a Jamaican mother and an Irish father. Mai ultimately moved to New York City when she was just 12 and graduated from high school in Queens before moving back to the UK. Her singing career began in 2014 when she was studying at the British and Irish Modern Music Institute. During her tenure at the school, Mai appeared on series 11 of the X Factor as part of a trio called ‘Arize’, but they ended up parting ways not long after.

It was in 2015 where Ella Mai’s solo career began to take shape. Mai released a four-track EP on Soundcloud called ‘troubled’ and not long after, she was discovered on Instagram by DJ Mustard. He decided to then sign the British singer to 10 Summers Records and Interscope Records. It was the beginning of something very special. Just a year later, Mai unveiled her first EP under the record label called ‘Time’ which featured the song ‘She don’t’ with Ty Dolla Sign. Mai went on to release another EP later in 2016 and then another in 2017, which had the song ‘Boo’d up’ on it, which is arguably her most popular one to date with 463 million Youtube views and 273 million on Spotify.

The song was labeled by Rolling Stone as one of the biggest singles by a female R&B singer in the last 10 years after she released the music video in early 2018. It peaked at #1 in the US and was officially deemed her breakthrough hit. She even toured with Kehlani in ’18 and played the song on numerous occasions as it continued to find its way to nightclubs across the States. Later that year, Mai released the song ‘Trip’ which also shot up the charts and was part of her debut album, which was named after the aforementioned hit. The likes of Chris Brown, H.E.R., and John Legend all appeared on several singles. Early in 2019, Mai also went on her first tour. That proved to be an extremely special year for the R&B phenom, where she was nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best R&B Song and Song of the Year for ‘Boo’d up’, winning Best R&B Song.

That same year, Mai won Best R&B Artist and Best Female R&B Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. She’s gone from an aspiring singer to one of the most talented female artists in the R&B industry today. Mai has voiced in numerous interviews which artists have influenced her to make music, citing the likes of Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, and Destiny’s Child, among others.

Now, you’re probably wondering how she began dating Jayson Tatum. While it’s not exactly known how the two met, they have allegedly been dating since October of 2020 when she was seen at his house. They do keep an extremely low profile and have rarely been spotted in public together, but the odd comments and likes on social media are definitely a sign. It’s understandable, though. Tatum is one of the biggest names in the Association, while Mai is a budding superstar in the music industry who is getting bigger by the year.

There isn’t a lot of details to their relationship, unfortunately, but they definitely make a cute couple. Oh, and another coincidental note. Tatum’s Celtics’ teammate, Jaylen Brown, is dating one of Mai’s friends and another huge name in the R&B game, H.E.R. You’d think they’ve all gone on a few double dates considering Tatum and Brown are very close. Unlike Tatum, Mai doesn’t have a huge dating history that we know about, but it does seem like the two are happy together. You’d believe in the NBA offseason, they’re spending their fair share of time together before Tatum gets back to the busy life of a baller.

There you have it. That’s all you need to know about Jayson Tatum’s girlfriend Ella Mai; a successful British R&B singer who continues to rise in the music industry and make countless catchy baby-making and heartbreaking hits.