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Jayson Williams reveals crazy stories about Manute Bol

Former New Jersey Nets power forward Jayson Williams recently took some time to speak with Vice Sports about his experiences in the NBA.

Williams played for two teams in the NBA, the Philadelphia Sixers and the Nets from 1990-1999. His career ended abruptly in April of 1999, when he broke his leg in a collision that required surgery. He retired a year later.

In that time, Williams soaked up plenty of the culture that came with the NBA lifestyle. Things fans get to see on camera, as well as things they don’t.

Williams covered a variety of topics, from players like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, to off the court parties that his team participated in that contributed to losing games.

One particular incident Williams spoke about involved his late teammate, Manute Bol. Bol was a 7’7″ center that played for the Sixers, and he was the first Sudanese born NBA player in the league.

Williams recounted how the team would let Bol drink Heineken beer to gain weight, and as a result, he never played an NBA game sober. Seriously.

He also spoke about how Bol would slice marks in his head every five years to keep track of his age, because his birth certificate was lost. Finally, he revealed that Bol would walk around the locker room naked, even with reporters in the room.

There are many more accounts that Williams discussed about Bol that are very interesting so hear; the Bol commentary starts at the 1:00 minute mark.

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