When it comes to the hobby, the rarer the sports card, the better. That’s why collectors are often flooded with reports of unique pulls breaking the market when it comes to hype and demand, much like what happened with LeBron James Triple Logoman recently. But among all of these cards, there are few more distinct than Sauce Gardner’s rookie card imprinted with an epic signature of his. We take a look below at what the New York Jets’ star did to make his card stand out from the rest.

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In a video posted by Find Your Trove on Instagram, Buffalo Wild Wings partnered with Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner in a “Sauce Sauce” event in New York. The Jets’ young star signed a Panini Instant rookie card of his, which was more than enough to make it turn heads. What Gardner did after his signature plays homage to his name and the brand sponsoring the said event. He stamped Buffalo Wild Wing’s new sauce onto the Sauce Gardner card, leaving an almost-circular splash on the surface. The end result is a card that’s like any other in the market right now.

Although this Sauce Gardner rookie card is one some fans would most likely add to their respective collections, it won’t be as straightforward as it may seem. Turns out, it would be auctioned at a charity event rather than hitting the market directly.

NFL Draft, Sauce Gardner

Drafted fourth by the New York Jets’ Gardner had a stellar collegiate career when he played for the University of Cinncinati. During his time there, he finished without allowing a single touchdown in coverage. Thanks to this feat, Gardner caught the Jets’ attention, which allowed him to make the NFL as his team’s fourth pick in the draft.

It still remains to be seen how his career in the NFL would play out. Whether he makes it big or not, there’s no denying, though, that this Sauce Gardner rookie card is the stuff of dreams for those in the hobby.