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Jets owner Woody Johnson accused of alleged racist, sexist remarks

Woody Johnson, Jets

Less than a week ago, the NFL’s Washington team was plunged into controversy when allegations of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, and other manifestations of the organization’s toxic workplace culture surfaced in an article in the Washington Post. Washington owner Daniel Snyder came under heavy fire after the story broke and now another NFL team owner, Woody Johnson of the New York Jets, is being thrust under the microscope.

According to a story by CNN’s Jennifer HanslerKylie Atwood and Nicole Gaouette, Johnson, who is President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, has been investigated amidst allegations that he “made racist and sexist comments to staff and sought to use his government position to benefit the President’s personal business in the UK.”

The report stated that some of his remarks regarding women’s physical appearances have been “cringeworthy” and it was even difficult to get him to agree to an event for International Women’s Day. A source in the story bared that, “he’s said some pretty sexist, racist” things when asked about the Jets owner.

When Johnson, an heir to Robert Johnson’s Johnson and Johnson fortune, was asked about the allegations he did not deny them and simply said that it’s an “honor of a lifetime” to serve as ambassador and “to lead the talented, diverse team of the U.S. Mission to the United Kingdom.”

Johnson had high praise for the team calling them “the best in diplomacy” ending by saying, “I greatly value the extraordinary work that each and every member of the team does to strengthen and deepen our vital alliance.”

The Trump Organization reportedly did not respond to a request for comment.