The Sacramento Kings have unfortunately been the laughingstock of the league for quite some time now. They have been one of the most down-trodden teams in the last decade of so. A combination of bad luck, mismanagement, and other bad decisions have turned this once-great franchise into the butt of many jokes in the league.

After the Seattle Mariners broke their two-decade long postseason drought, the Kings are now officially the team with the longest active playoff drought in the league. This awful crown has a lot of Sacramento fans feeling distraught, even the ones that were a fan of the Mariners in the MLB.

The Kings have not made it to the playoffs since 2006, when they squeaked into the dance as the eighth seed in the West. They were subsequently knocked out in six games by the San Antonio Spurs. Since then, Sac-Town hasn't seen a minute of playoff basketball, and they haven't come close to doing so.

Making it back to the playoffs will be the first step in the Kings' attempt to rise back to the top. The confidence boost from overcoming that obstacle would be a great starting point for their rise back to relevancy. The good news for Sacramento fans is that they've done a good job retooling in the offseason with savvy acquisitions.

Will this finally be the year that the Kings break out of their playoff curse? They have plenty of chances to do that, especially with the Play-In Tournament returning this year. We'll see if Sacramento can give the fans a taste of Kings' playoff basketball again.