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David Fizdale reveals two types of players Knicks need to be successful


Former New York Knicks head coach David Fizdale is no longer leading the lowly Eastern Conference franchise. However, despite being fired by the Knicks earlier in the year, Fizdale continues to have to answer for New York so it seems.

This time around, Fizdale revealed the two types of players that the Knicks need in order to be successful.

“Just looking at the roster where they’re at — I love Elfrid, Frank and Dennis Smith Jr. — but all of them have something in common in that they’re not consistent 3-point shooters coming off the pick-and-roll,” Fizdale recently told ESPN Radio, via The New York Post. “And if you have a super talent like Mitchell — and I think Mitchell can end up being one of the best centers over the next 10 years — you have to have a guy coming off that pick and if you have to fight over that pick-and-roll. … If you do that, all of a sudden Mitchell Robinson looks totally different. And his production goes up big time.”

Fizdale also believes that the Knicks could still use a power forward with the ability to shoot from the outside. Currently, the Knicks employ a slew of power forward, though none of them possess such a shooting prowess. With Julius Randle leading the way at this position for the Knicks, the New York newcomer is much better fit to drive to the hoop than shoot from the outside.

Of course, the Knicks previous had current Dallas Mavericks power forward Kristaps Porzingis under their umbrella, though that was before he was shipped out of town just over one year ago.