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Enes Kanter claims star free agents don’t sign with Knicks because of James Dolan

Knicks, James Dolan, Enes Kanter

Former New York Knicks big man Enes Kanter had some interesting remarks about James Dolan in a recent podcast. Kanter claims that most star free agents don’t have interest in playing for New York because of its owner, James Dolan.

Dolan has been the topic of countless stories throughout his tenure with the Knicks. From losing seasons, bad free agent deals, and mishandling of personnel, Dolan has heard it all.

Many would argue that Dolan’s criticism is deserved. New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, and playing at Madison Square Garden is a dream for many young athletes. However, thanks in large part to his ownership philosophies, fans of the team haven’t had much to cheer for in recent seasons, and top-rated free agents continue to sign elsewhere.

Via Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News:

“Not many people know that, but players talk. From different teams, they talk,” Kanter said on the Full 48 podcast with Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck. “I’m not blaming anybody. I had an amazing time with the Knicks. But other teammates I talked to or if they’re on different teams, they always said, ‘Amazing city, MSG is amazing. Everything is so good. But the ownership.’ They always keep saying, ‘But the ownership.’”

“I always tell them, the Knicks are amazing. It’s the Garden, it’s the Mecca. If you win in New York, you’re the king of the world. Some of the players are I guess scared to come here and don’t even want to deal with that.”

Kanter, who now plays for the Boston Celtics, enjoyed his time playing at MSG. In fact, the Turkish-born star famously kissed the court goodbye during his last game with the Knicks inside the arena. However, it’s clear that he feels a certain way about the team’s ownership.