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Knicks fan claims MSG security confiscated his ‘Ban Dolan’ shirt

The New York Knicks security team at Madison Square Garden reportedly banned a T-shirt that reads “St. Patty Says Ban Dolan” across the front. While the fans who had the shirts were allowed in the stadium, the shirts themselves had to go:

According to the New York Daily News, these shirts were selling “by the truckload” outside of Madison Square Garden. Knicks fans are making their feelings about owner James Dolan very clear, and the feelings are not positive.

This is an ongoing debacle. It was not long ago when Dolan kicked a fan out of a game after saying the team should be sold, which is not an isolated incident.

Maybe things would be different if the Knicks weren’t 14-56. And maybe things would be different if Kristaps Porzingis’ situation played out differently. But for now, the fans see a team that is in hot water.

The future will look brighter if the Knicks can get Zion Williamson and/or Kevin Durant. Just getting either of those two would change the direction of the franchise.

But while better play on the court would help, there is a broken relationship between the fan base and the owner. The fans don’t want Dolan in charge, and Dolan is fighting back by kicking fans out and banning critical shirts. The situation is a mess.