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Knicks news: Hoodie Melo waxes hot, leads Knicks into comeback win over Golden State in 2K18

The best Melo is hoodie Melo.

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony’s offseason can be defined by the workouts he’s having while wearing his indispensable hoodie jacket. It has caught the attention of basketball fans from every corner of the internet so much that it became some sort of a spectacle and it has reached immense popularity enough for the hoodie-wearing Melo to have its own likeness included in NBA 2K18 video game.

Can’t wait to unlock Hoodie Melo in 2K.

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Well, not really. This is just a product of Bleacher Report’s imaginative creative team, but we’re betting there aren’t a few people who got fooled by this one.

In the video, the Knicks were shown exiting the court after a troublesome first half in which the team trailed the Golden State Warriors. The Knicks came out of the dugout in the second half with the hooded Anthony leading his team to a 97-35 win over the defending champions.

Yeah, right.