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Knicks’ Jarrett Jack had two offers from playoff teams

Jarrett Jack is not getting any playing time lately for the New York Knicks.

Most veteran players like Jack would be frustrated with that situation and want to leave to have a chance to play on a non-tanking team. But it appears he had the opportunity to do just that, but chose to say with the Knicks, per Marc Berman of the New York Post.

Jack revealed two playoff-contending teams offered to sign him at the March 1 waiver deadline that would have made him eligible for the playoffs. With playing time sketchy at those outposts, Jack decided he would rather be a tutor for Emmanuel Mudiay, who inherited his starting job, and rookie Frank Ntilikina.

The funny thing, Jack seems content with the decision he made, per Berman.

“I’m not miserable,’’ Jack told The Post. “There are things that are a lot worse. I remember when I was hurt, playing for nobody, sitting on the couch. I would’ve given anything to be in the uniform.”

It appears that Jack has never thought of himself as the type of player that would bolt to greener pasture when times got tough. There was a sense of loyalty in his decision.

Per Berman:

“There were teams that called but the situation they presented, it didn’t make sense for me to go,” Jack said. “And I had never been one to think about leaving a squad to go to a better situation. With those two hand in hand, that was my decision.”

It’s an interesting decision Jack made. He opted to be a mentor rather than get playing time and have a chance to make a deep playoff run or even compete for the a championship.

It’s a noble thing for Jack to do, and New York’s young players will surely benefit from it. The question is, how long will he feel this way?