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Jeff Hornacek disagrees with Stan Van Gundy on comment about Knicks’ schedule

Jeff Hornacek

New York Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek had something to say about his Detroit Pistons counterpart Stan Van Gundy’s insinuation that the Knickerbockers are enjoying a preferential treatment from the NBA in terms of scheduling, pointing that whichever way you cut it, each and every NBA team will still have to play 41 teams at home and another 41 on the road.

Via John Healy of the New York Daily News:

“You play 82,” he said. “You play 41 at home and 41 on the road, so….”

This was a reaction to Van Gundy’s not-so-subtle comments about the Knicks’ schedule following the Pistons’ 104-101 win over New York at home last Friday.

“A cynical person — which I’m not — would say the league tried to help them and build some confidence at the beginning of the year by giving them a lot of home games and giving them a chance to get going and pick up some confidence,” he said. “That’s what a cynical person would say. Not me. It’s just by chance they got so many home games early on.”

As of Dec. 25, the Knicks are the only Eastern Conference team that has played fewer than 14 games on the road, which probably would help explain why they currently own a winning record. The Knicks are 15-6 at home, but are just 2-10 when outside the confines of Madison Square Garden.

That said, the Knicks’ home-court advantage didn’t help them on Monday, as they picked up a 105-98 loss at the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers.