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Malika Andrews calls out Knicks for ‘ridiculous’ policy at Jalen Brunson event

Knicks, Malika Andrews, Jalen Brunson

The New York Knicks did a commendable job of getting their man when they finally agreed to a massive deal with Jalen Brunson right as free agency started. The organization, however, did not do a very good job during a recent fan event for their new star — at least according to ESPN anchor Malika Andrews.

Speaking on NBA Today, Andrews called out the Knicks for the way they handled a recent Brunson event. According to the renowned broadcaster, the Knicks literally banned the media from attending the event (h/t KnicksNation on Twitter):

“Of course, I said a ‘fan event’ for Jalen Brunson yesterday because there were no reporters invited or allowed to be in there, which is absolutely ridiculous,” Andrews said. “And so, Jalen Brunson could not be asked about the potential for who else he likes to see around him or who he would like to see be on the roster for the start of the season because there was no media there to hold those folks accountable.”

To be fair, the team labeled the gathering as a “fan event.” I suppose Malika was utterly shocked when she learned that the team took this extremely seriously by not inviting a single member of the press to the shindig.

Andrews’ co-hosts could not agree any more with how this was an “unacceptable” act by the organization. For his part, however, Kendrick Perkins decided to make light of the situation by throwing a savage jab at the Knicks:

“Isn’t that a Knick thing?” he asked with a laugh.

Needless to say, the New York Knicks still aren’t very happy with the media right now — and they have not been shy about making their true feelings known to the general public.