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Knicks news: Ron Baker technically has no-trade clause in contract

The New York Knicks have fallen to their old habits even after the departure of former president Phil Jackson, this time offering a no-trade clause to their very first signing this offseason.

Shooting guard Ron Baker, who signed a two-year, $8.9 million contract at the start of free agency has a one-year bird restriction based on the player option for 2018-19. He’d also technically have a no-trade clause, requiring his ultimate approval of any trade, according to ESPN’s Ian Begley.

If this clause spells familiar if because yet another Knick possesses this very clause, Carmelo Anthony, whose no-trade clause has proved a nightmare for the organization to make a change.

Old habits die hard for this Knicks franchise and it seems they have again become enamored with a player enough to offer this now-defunct provision that does nothing but hold the organization hostage and limit its ability to have disposable assets when it comes time to make moves.

Baker is a player with promise, but giving him this type of control just shows how the organization is handicapping itself one erroneous move at a time.