If the New York Knicks want to add Donovan Mitchell to their roster, they might have to pay a hefty price to the Utah Jazz.

NBA insider Marc Stein doubled down on earlier reports about the Jazz's insane asking price from the Knicks in exchange for Mitchell along with some update on New York's thinking. Utah wants at least six first-round picks in the deal, and while they are fine with not getting RJ Barrett, they want a slew of young players in return headline by Quentin Grimes.

According to the report, however, the Knicks fear they are bidding against themselves and “end up being second-guessed leaguewide like Minnesota after what the Wolves gave up for Gobert.”

The Knicks naturally hope to complete the actual acquisition of Donovan Mitchell now without surrendering more than, say, four or five of those eight future firsts and by keeping RJ Barrett out of the deal. While Barrett’s exclusion is likely fine with the Jazz, Utah (gulp) is said to want at least six of the eight picks.

New York’s recently re-signed center Mitchell Robinson is ineligible to be traded before Dec. 15, creating another hurdle, but the presence of Quentin Grimes, Miles McBride, Immanuel Quickley, Cam Reddish and Obi Toppin on its roster seemingly gives Rose optionality when it comes to packaging promising young players with his array of picks, with Grimes believed to be at the top of Utah’s wish list.

Considering what the Jazz received from the Minnesota Timberwolves for Rudy Gobert–four first-round picks and a pick swap–their asking price for Donovan Mitchell seems reasonable. However, as Stein noted, the Knicks are afraid they might be outbidding themselves as they actually might not have to pay that much for Mitchell.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the Mitchell-to-Knicks talks, though fans expecting to get anything done soon will have to wait a little bit longer.