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Rumor: Knicks, Kevin Durant had a secret meeting, reached a handshake deal

Kevin Durant, Knicks, Warriors

The New York Knicks may have lost the Draft Lottery, but they seem well positioned to win free agency. Well, that is if rumors about Kevin Durant already agreeing to join them proves to be true.

According to a report by Steve Popper of NewsDay.com, there are speculations that the Knicks and Kevin Durant had already met secretly and reached a ‘handshake deal’ for KD to move to New York this summer.

“For now it is all speculation, but there were anonymous whispers asking if it was true that the Knicks and Durant had already held a secret meeting, that a handshake deal was already in place and that endorsement deals were already ironed out. It wasn’t just talk about the Knicks securing the services of Durant, but that the elite scorer is bolting the Warriors despite all of the success. No one would put a name on their thoughts, but they did at least in their minds, figure out the hardest part of the Durant free agency question: why would he leave the Warriors?”

Durant has been rumored to be the top target of the Knicks in free agency, and as the days go by, it seems more and more likely that he will play in The Big Apple next season regardless of the outcome of the Golden State Warriors’ current playoff run.

The Knicks’ masterplan of pairing Durant with Boston Celtics point guared Kyrie Irving — who’s also a free agent this summer — is starting to take shape. The only question now is, will they succeed?

Well, there’s less than two months left to find out.