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Knicks searching for best possible return in Carmelo Anthony trade

The Carmelo Anthony trade saga has been going on officially since Phil Jackson let it be made publicly known that he and the Knicks were trying to trade Anthony.

The Knicks are somewhat known for doing bizarre things, but for now they seem to be keeping on track. Things have been unusually quiet, especially for a media market that’s the size of New York. There have been accusation’s that Anthony is holding the Knicks hostage during the trade negotiations, but he is simply exercising his right to the no-trade clause that he was awarded with his contract.

A new report from ESPN’s Ian Begley lays out exactly what kind of resolution the Knicks are hoping for from the Anthony saga.

Anthony has been with the Knicks since being traded from the Denver Nuggets in 2011. During the first few years they seemed to be poised for a potential deep run in the playoffs, however that potential seemed to be derailed by injuries, and superior teams.

Now, the Knicks have not been able to make the playoffs since the 2012-13 season, and almost seem to be in a stall as a franchise. But what we do know is Anthony is interested in going to the Houston Rockets or the Cleveland Cavaliers, so only time will tell where he ends up. For now, the silence just means both parties are taking their time with things.